Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Im a Who from Whoville

The title says it all :(

I have 4 tablets left to take, and I woke up with a puffy mouth,  Not a happy bunny today!
It's the day before the big TV appearance and the tablets have done nada!


Pah, well, what can I do?! 

Ok so to keep you up to speed, I only have a few things to finish on the 'Royal cake' and it's ready for the studio where I have to spend a further 45 minutes completing it.
And I'm going to treat you to a few more in progress pictures! I would like to say at this point though, none of my figures look like who they are supposed to, at one point Prince Phillip looked like a healthy pink ET, and Camilla....well she STILL looks like she has a big gob :)

Heres how its going:
Prince Phillip
(excuse the sponges, he's just getting a little support!)

Baking Began! Lots and lots of baking...

Whilst the baking was being done I made lots and lots of these tiny patriotic cupcakes!
(and a few ham and cheese sandwiches too!)

 This was pretty much my dinner everyday for a few days! Waffles, a tiny Nurofen and a big useless antibiotic!

 I prepped the board ready for the cake, lots of cobble stones. And yes, thats a big piece of chipboard! Got it cut at B&Q as I couldnt get a cakeboard big enough :)

All the cakes baked, cut, filled with strawberry jam and buttercream and then a layer of buttercream over the top!

The next day saw another lot of Waffles and tablets....with good old tommy ketchup ;)
Love the stuff!

And the last sneaky peek picture is of the wedding cake in the centre of the table:

And that's all your getting!
Full thing can be seen tomorrow night live on Channel 4 at 5pm. That's IF I can get it there in one piece and finish it on time!
Everyone get your ninja spoons out, I'm expecting a full fan club after that ha ha. CRINGE!

What else have I been doing? Apart from being totally stressed out about the cake which made me try and collect Kai from school when it wasn't even time to finish I managed to squeeze in a pink castle cake. Made entirely from chocolate cake, and chocolate swiss rolls as the birthday girl didn't like jam! These castles are very popular...and they are always requested in pink, I cant wait to do my boys version with Scooby Doo theme! Lots more cakes to do before then though.

Ok thats me done for this post, and you wont see me now till after the show. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you to see though. Hope I make it down there in one piece (and the cake) and that Fern and Michael Ball dont hold their crucifixes up.
Everybody sing!!.....

*Puff the magic Abscess,
Had waffles for its tea
The toothache had it's owner pissed
She just wanted it pain-free
Little Tracey Harvey had just about enough
So swallowed lots of tablets, to kill that fat face puff!*


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