Monday, 14 March 2011

The Dinkies have landed!

Dinkies? What in the world are Dinkies?
They are cute smaller cakes (roughly around 6" if not a smidge smaller!) perfect for small families, or small parties. With them being 'dinky' they come with a smaller price tag of £18, so hopefully alot more affordable to people wanting a special homemade cake without a huge price tag.
A few have been born so far so I suppose I should get on with showing you some pictures!

Just the 4 so far! Though I do have an 'In the Night Garden' dinky to do soon -
Its hard to choose a favourite...but I am leaning towards Lizzy!

And the theme of my last post is creeping back in again as I made 2 cakes for a brother and sister...both Toy Story themed!
I had made both their birthday cakes last year, and can't believe just how quick it came round again! The birthday boy Leon liked Woody, and Elizabeth liked Jessie....she also requested pink and purple - good choice!
Unfortunately I was out the morning of pick-up so don't know what they thought of them...but hopefully they liked them...fingers crossed anyway!
Here are their cakes:

 That concludes the Toy Story talk for today!

The reason I wasn't there the morning of pick-up was because I'd headed off to Manchester with a friendly (but crazy!) lot of photographers from a forum. We all met outside the Town Hall then made our way to the Cathedral where I wanted to test out low lighting. I took 200...(yes that really is two hundred) photos...I just snapped away at anything and hoped for the best. Ive processed a few so far but still have lots to go through, Heres a small handful from the day:

If I find anymore 'keepers' in my file I'll process them and add them to another post when I have a spare two minutes! It was a really fun day out and cant wait to do another one, as much as I love the Kiddiwinkles a break is just awesome :)

Also I have some exciting news (exciting to me anyway!) But can't share just yet till I know details! I know...It's unfair isn't it   :p    But as soon as I know more details and things have been confirmed I'll let you know....I'm officially bricking it!

Ok thats my post for today, hot vimto and a pile of cake orders screaming for my attention...bye bye! xx

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