Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Im a Who from Whoville

The title says it all :(

I have 4 tablets left to take, and I woke up with a puffy mouth,  Not a happy bunny today!
It's the day before the big TV appearance and the tablets have done nada!


Pah, well, what can I do?! 

Ok so to keep you up to speed, I only have a few things to finish on the 'Royal cake' and it's ready for the studio where I have to spend a further 45 minutes completing it.
And I'm going to treat you to a few more in progress pictures! I would like to say at this point though, none of my figures look like who they are supposed to, at one point Prince Phillip looked like a healthy pink ET, and Camilla....well she STILL looks like she has a big gob :)

Heres how its going:
Prince Phillip
(excuse the sponges, he's just getting a little support!)

Baking Began! Lots and lots of baking...

Whilst the baking was being done I made lots and lots of these tiny patriotic cupcakes!
(and a few ham and cheese sandwiches too!)

 This was pretty much my dinner everyday for a few days! Waffles, a tiny Nurofen and a big useless antibiotic!

 I prepped the board ready for the cake, lots of cobble stones. And yes, thats a big piece of chipboard! Got it cut at B&Q as I couldnt get a cakeboard big enough :)

All the cakes baked, cut, filled with strawberry jam and buttercream and then a layer of buttercream over the top!

The next day saw another lot of Waffles and tablets....with good old tommy ketchup ;)
Love the stuff!

And the last sneaky peek picture is of the wedding cake in the centre of the table:

And that's all your getting!
Full thing can be seen tomorrow night live on Channel 4 at 5pm. That's IF I can get it there in one piece and finish it on time!
Everyone get your ninja spoons out, I'm expecting a full fan club after that ha ha. CRINGE!

What else have I been doing? Apart from being totally stressed out about the cake which made me try and collect Kai from school when it wasn't even time to finish I managed to squeeze in a pink castle cake. Made entirely from chocolate cake, and chocolate swiss rolls as the birthday girl didn't like jam! These castles are very popular...and they are always requested in pink, I cant wait to do my boys version with Scooby Doo theme! Lots more cakes to do before then though.

Ok thats me done for this post, and you wont see me now till after the show. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you to see though. Hope I make it down there in one piece (and the cake) and that Fern and Michael Ball dont hold their crucifixes up.
Everybody sing!!.....

*Puff the magic Abscess,
Had waffles for its tea
The toothache had it's owner pissed
She just wanted it pain-free
Little Tracey Harvey had just about enough
So swallowed lots of tablets, to kill that fat face puff!*


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Channel 4..yeah really!

Ok so my last post was a little unfair with not telling you the news, but now I can tell you!
I got a message on Facebook from a girl at Cactus TV (the people in charge of Saturday Kitchen etc) asking me to e-mail her about making a cake for Fern Brittons new talk show on Channel 4. Its replacing the slot that Paul O' Grady had and is on live at 5-6pm. Long story short I somehow made the shortlist without even applying and I'm now going live on TV 31st March! Its a lighthearted baking competition between 6 bakers, two the first week (my week) two the next,  two after that, and then the final. We have to make a William and Kate themed cake, and I'm currently sat here amongst a few handmade models of the royal family!

Tuesday we filmed at my house for a short VT for the was mega embarrassing and SO hard! I take my hat off to those newsreaders and presenters. My Mum, Brother and friend Phillippa agreed to do my testimonials for me....but I bet they didn't realize they would have to stand on the street with hats and flags....when I heard that I thought it was hilarious and actually felt sorry for them, that was until I found out what they had in store for ME!
   The producers wanted to portray it was a fun competition so they decided to show us as if we were warming up for abit of a battle....apparently the other lady I'm up against got off lightly and had to do a sort of Charlies Angels action with a rolling pin, muggins here got handed some wooden spoons and I was told to do a 'ninja action'. Luckily the director showed me how it was done first even with 'wayaahhhh' sound effects, I kind of stood there and said 'do I really need to do that noise?' It was all good fun, but I didn't half feel like a tool, I'm DREADING watching that video...really dreading it.

Just to break up a little bit of this text I'll let you see a VERY sneaky peek of a model in progress...this hasn't been posted anywhere else!

This is Prince Charles in progress being supported by a few sponges!

So this Sunday I start the baking for the cake...can't say what the design is but you wont have long to wait!
I am currently doing a castle cake which should be finished by tonight, and starting another cake (which I cant mention just incase she reads this as its supposed to be a surprise!) But hopefully all will be done in time and all ready to go, the only major thing I have to tackle is my TOOTHACHE, im not bothered about the pain for just an hour on the show...but I'm hoping its not an abscess that blows my face up like a balloon. Last time I had an abscess my brother couldn't stop laughing everytime he looked at me because I looked like a 'who' from 'Whoville'. As it was a front tooth it made the front of my face puff out, and all my cheek so very much looked like this:

                      Yeah it's safe to say I looked even WORSE than that! (that is not me by the way! ha)

I need everyone to cross their fingers, toes and eyes to make sure I don't have a face like that on a live TV show. I'm already cacking it without having a melon mouth to deal with.

Theres been a slight rumour that the people on Fern's show that day are Jullian Fellows and Michael Ball which isn't least it isn't Katie Price! Michael Ball comes across very friendly, chatty and bubbly so looking forward to that, obviously aslong as the dreaded abscess doesn't strike otherwise he'd surround himself by bodyguards and shout 'get that leper away!'  (I just loved the fact I spelt Leper wrong and it came up with the suggestion...Lemur instead) ha ha 'get that Lemur away!'

So that's my bit of exciting news, I'm heading down to London next Thursday so if you want to see a swollen leper with bad ass wooden spoon ninja skills you'll have to tune in to Channel 4 at 5pm :) and get the popcorn ready!

Ok onto some more cakes I've completed since I was last on, Ive done a single tiered boudoir cake with lace and shoe design:

A rather simple but very cute little MUM cake:

And the cake that sent everybody crazy, including my phone and inbox! The Waybuloo cake :

That 3 tier of brightly coloured detailed-ness was for a little stunner called Avaeya (pronounced Av-ay-a) She was turning one and was mad on Waybuloo, her mum told me to do a three tier with as much detail on it as possible, so I came up with this design. She loved the cake, which made me really happy, and its very apparent others liked it too judging by my inbox and phone calls! It went to a kids play centre for the party and even the staff there who have seen hundreds of cakes said it was one of the best they had ever seen! I'd like to thank a member of staff there who actually took the time to visit my T-Cakes page on Facebook to write a review to tell me so! The boss of the place also got in touch to order her own and said she would happily pass my details on to clients inquiring about places to buy cakes.
Thanks guys!

Lots of friends of Avaeya's mum also got in touch via Facebook and I've been requested for some pretty cool cakes which I cant wait to get my teeth into (well not literally - if I eat all the cakes I make I'd be about 30 stone!). I've always wanted to do a cake with Zombies on and my saviour came in the shape of an Xbox cake with 'Black Ops theme' I asked what his favourite map was to maybe apply that to it and the reply was 'the zombie level'  how COOL..can't wait to start that! I've also been asked for my very first scooby do cake, I came up with a few designs and the customer chose my haunted castle design which is also a huge bonus as I've always wanted to have a go at a boys version of the castles I do AND to do a scooby cake!

Theres lots of other cake designs I'd like to try so if anyone wants a corpse bride/nightmare before Xmas wedding cake, or a zombie filled wedding cake, you know where to come! ha ha get your orders in now :)
Right better go, got a pretty pink castle to finish


Monday, 14 March 2011

The Dinkies have landed!

Dinkies? What in the world are Dinkies?
They are cute smaller cakes (roughly around 6" if not a smidge smaller!) perfect for small families, or small parties. With them being 'dinky' they come with a smaller price tag of £18, so hopefully alot more affordable to people wanting a special homemade cake without a huge price tag.
A few have been born so far so I suppose I should get on with showing you some pictures!

Just the 4 so far! Though I do have an 'In the Night Garden' dinky to do soon -
Its hard to choose a favourite...but I am leaning towards Lizzy!

And the theme of my last post is creeping back in again as I made 2 cakes for a brother and sister...both Toy Story themed!
I had made both their birthday cakes last year, and can't believe just how quick it came round again! The birthday boy Leon liked Woody, and Elizabeth liked Jessie....she also requested pink and purple - good choice!
Unfortunately I was out the morning of pick-up so don't know what they thought of them...but hopefully they liked them...fingers crossed anyway!
Here are their cakes:

 That concludes the Toy Story talk for today!

The reason I wasn't there the morning of pick-up was because I'd headed off to Manchester with a friendly (but crazy!) lot of photographers from a forum. We all met outside the Town Hall then made our way to the Cathedral where I wanted to test out low lighting. I took 200...(yes that really is two hundred) photos...I just snapped away at anything and hoped for the best. Ive processed a few so far but still have lots to go through, Heres a small handful from the day:

If I find anymore 'keepers' in my file I'll process them and add them to another post when I have a spare two minutes! It was a really fun day out and cant wait to do another one, as much as I love the Kiddiwinkles a break is just awesome :)

Also I have some exciting news (exciting to me anyway!) But can't share just yet till I know details! I know...It's unfair isn't it   :p    But as soon as I know more details and things have been confirmed I'll let you know....I'm officially bricking it!

Ok thats my post for today, hot vimto and a pile of cake orders screaming for my attention...bye bye! xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Reach for the Sky!!

And if you didn't already know, that was a quote from Disney's Toy Story :)
My big brown eyed boy turned 5 on the 3rd March, we celebrated by opening some of his presents in the morning before school. He got a keyboard, an interactive talking globe, some clothes, lots of money, all 3 Toy Story films on DVD, a talking Woody, a Woody costume, and a poetry book!
After school he got changed into his Woody costume at Nanna's house...sooo cute!

Then set off for some birthday tea at Pizza hut! Where he opened the rest of his presents...

After stuffing ourselves on pizza, pasta, chicken and potato wedges we made our way to Liverpool Echo Arena for......*drum roll please*....Disney On Ice!

Now none of us had ever been to the Echo arena before, and we were in 3 different cars, only two of which had sat nav's. The car following us got lost and made a wrong turn, and the car infront made numerous wrong turns against the sat nav and we...stupidly followed! However we finally got there and parked, ran to the entrance and waited to re-group! Luckily my brother who had got lost (without a sat nav!) finally found us and we were only about 5-10 minutes late. We squeezed into our seats and managed to enjoy the rest of the show....which may I add, Abbi LOVED. She was shaking with excitement, clapping, screaming and stretching to see over people heads, she particularly enjoyed the 'ghosty' part...think shes going to grow up like her mum and have a love of horror movies!

Woo Jesse and Woody

 Abbi's photography! :

And no birthday is complete without...CAKE! 
And its obvious what theme it was going to be! Toy Story.
This was without a doubt one of the most tiring in terms of model work!

And heres a few in progress pictures and close-ups:

Woody getting dressed!

'Kai' on the sole (K written backwards to represent how Andy wrote the 'N' on the wrong way in the film!)


Little Green Guy!



And I made approx 28 Alien cupcakes for all his class at school that morning, here are just a few of them!

I cant believe he is now 5! It's flown by, and before I know it my little Abbi Doodles will be 2! (Lets hope those aren't 'terrible two's' by the way!)

That concludes my post for today! (without a mention of wedding in sight!) Im hoping to sit down with a hot Vimto after with Kai to watch Toy Story!
Bye Bye! xxx