Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Afternoon everyone,
Been a very busy girl! First of all my Mum turned 60 last week, and we all got her, her very first passport! Luckily she seems to like it (even though she was shaking) and she's been to have her pictures taken for it. Soon I'll be able to send off for both their passports (mum and dads) and they can start booking their first holiday abroad together!

She also had a party on Saturday, and as always I was on hand with a birthday cake! Great night, kids fell asleep after chasing balloons and playing with party poppers, but by the time everyone had left and we had cleaned up it was 2am!! Haven't been out that late for years! ha ha

I also had another cake to make too, a Radley handbag. The customer was one of my old primary school teachers who was buying it for her daughter. I based it on the Radley design 'Aruba', here it is:

And my Mums 60th birthday cake:

And due to Facebook now changing their photo setting I can no longer post pictures on here from there....ANNOYING!
So if you would like to see details from these cakes you can do so by clicking this link:

Also this morning I received a letter stating I had won one of the competitions I had entered at the wedding fayre, Its a £50 off voucher for wedding rings.....the trouble is, the rings are probably going to be about £800 each any way ha ha. Adam said theres no harm in looking so we may take another trip to Blackpool to have a look soon.
That letter got delivered with a box......in which I found my Elephant punch! I tested it this morning and cut two very cute little elephants out...they are just perfect :)

Whilst we are on the subject of weddings.....AGAIN :)
Me and Adam have been looking at the 5 songs required for the ceremony, We looked through loads of slow wedding appropriate songs, but then I thought why choose songs just because they are nice - they have no meaning to us - they aren't special! We want to personalize every part of our wedding, and that includes the music too!
So we decided to pick songs from some of our favourite films, or songs we both like/have meaning to us.
For walking in (one song), we have a choice of 3 so far, either the theme from Gremlins (one of my fav films), Beauty and the Beast Instrumental (my favourite Disney), or Willows Journey Begins from the film Willow (another old fav film!)

For signing the register we have to choose 3 - so far we have two!
This Lion King Instrumental (Adams all time fav Disney movie)

And a song from another of my fav old films...The Goonies!

We still have another to choose yet Adam likes Accidentally in Love from Shrek, and I like Dance Magic Dance from Labyrinth.
We also have a list of other favourite films (mainly 80's!) like:
Short Circuit
Dark Crystal
Nightmare before Christmas
Back to the Future
(lots of horrors including my fav Nightmare on Elm Street)
Flight of the Navigator
Toy Story
All Disneys and many other animated films!

Then one song to walk out to which is again from Adams favourite Disney film:

Just love this song.....and what a great motto to have for the rest of our married lives - that and it fits the theme of our wedding perfectly!  ha ha

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