Sunday, 20 February 2011

amazing mine!

Woo-hoo! We have now finally 'officially' booked and paid a deposit for our amazing wedding photographer....Lisa Aldersley, shes just so amazing! And whats even better she sounds just as excited as us about photographing our wedding! She called me a 'mad bride'...which I'd thought I'd take as a compliment haha
Looking forward to meeting up with her again soon when the weather is warmer for a trip to the Zoo :)

Also this week Ive been mega busy with the cakes, first I had a batch of cupcakes to make for Gareth's 30th birthday, they were going overseas to Ireland on the ferry - with 2 hungry dogs. Hopefully they made it to the other side intact and not just crumbs, cream and dog drool :)

Then I had 3 to do for today, I finished a girly pink 16th birthday cake first, her Dad didn't really know what she was into (apart from pink!) and we were short on time so I just made a girly pink cake with a cupcake plaque, polka dots and strawberries.

Second came the crown green bowling cake, I was struggling picturing how the mans body would look when bowling - where his arms and legs would be etc. So I had Adam, in his pyjamas pretending to bowl in the kitchen for me ha ha.
The customer liked it so lets hope the birthday boy did, Happy 80th Birthday Claire's Grandad!

And lastly a very special Christening cake for a little Biliary Atresia Princess.
Her proud mummy wanted something special, girly and different for her, so  we have a very pink, fluffy, glittery, pretty 2 tier cake topped with a carousel style pony. Underneath that she had cupcakes topped with hot pink bows, and pink Biliary Atresia ribbons. Her Christening is today so have a wonderful day girlies!
To find out more about BA and Harlee Jae's battle *Clicky here*
Heres some piccies of the cake and cupcakes

 Again if you would like to see closer details of these cakes then you can do so HERE.

Thats all the cakes for this week! Now onto more wedding things :)

Well I lightly touched on the subject of my wedding shoes in a previous post, and now that I've taken a gamble, I'll tell you all about them!
As we are getting married in the Zoo (well in Oakfield Manor) we have opted to have a safari round a few of the exhibits when its closed to the public, and I'll have been wearing heels for the ceremony and afternoon tea etc so wanted something a little more 'comfy'. I'm abit of a rock fan at heart with a love for horror movies, and 80's films over rom-coms anyday. I was originally going to wear some nice comfy purple Converse, but found these by Ed Hardy instead which are much more up my street with skulls on the sides!

At roughly RRP £80 I didnt really want to spend so much (trying to stick to the budget and all!) so I found these on Ebay for £20....but they only had these purple ones in 2.5 left (im a size 3) So for the price I took a gamble, in the hope they will fit! Still waiting for them to arrive and Im keeping my fingers crossed!

Now I just need to hunt down a nice pair of purple heels to get married in! 

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