Monday, 31 January 2011

Wedding Fayres...are TOXIC!

Toxic to the brain!
I went to my very first one yesterday in Blackpool at the Hilton. You've done all the planning and budgeting and mashing your brains in trying to keep costs as low as possible, then you walk into a wedding fayre and it gets blown to pieces, candy buffets, chocolate fountains, fun photo booths, amazing tiaras, GORGEOUS handmade rings...Ive decided I dont like budgeting, its too hard and hurts my brain!

I thought I was being sensible and cutting back money in all sorts of places but still trying to keep the day as fun as possible, but now I REALLY want that £1200 videograher to capture the day, he captures the story behind the pictures and reminds us exactly what happened on that day when we had our backs turned or were too busy to notice things. Of course you can get slightly cheaper ones, but his work is AMAZING, almost makes you cry at total strangers getting married!
Take a look:
Cedar Videography

And then of course the photographers who capture stunning images that you get to keep forever...afterall what do you have after your wedding? Just the rings, the photos, the video and each other.
So far Im drawn to either the amazing Lisa Aldersley

KJP images:

and Sarah Jane photography

All ranging from around £800-£2500. Budget out the window...well and truly! What can I say, Im a Leo - and they always want the best! Trouble is Im marrying a Taurus who are VERY strict with money, match made in heaven? ha ha

Then at the back of the room at the Hilton we met a great couple who were offering a 'photobooth' filled with fancy dress items for guests to nip in and out of to capture their daft selves :) You get two copies of the images, one for the guest and another to stick in an album in which they leave a message for you too.
Another hefty pricetag of around £500-£600, and I wont even MENTION the candy buffet - I wouldnt see Adam all night!

Weddings are seriously expensive!

Apart from losing sleep over wedding decisions I managed to drag myself into the kitchen to make two cakes!

The first is for a Vespa scooter fan, though his mum couldnt find a model for the top of the cake so just requested a black and white theme....I thought I'd sneak the logo in there so it had some sort of reference to his love of scooters!! They loved it too :)

And this cheeky cake was for a little cheeky monkey turning one! His mum was in Madrid at the time she ordered it and made it back to Manchester in January to collect it. She wasnt having the best of days with flat tyres and getting lost but she found me in the end and loved the cake! Hope little Jake had a fab first birthday, thanks Susana!

Well I better go got my friend Keiran calling around soon to process some images together, with all this photography, cake making and wedding lark I cant keep up, I could do with winning the lottery....but then again, couldnt we all ;)


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