Wednesday, 19 January 2011

She's Asleep!

Yes, the Queen (Abbi) is taking a nap which means I have time to nip on and update :)

Well today I managed to finish a Ben 10 Omnitrix cake for a little boys 4th birthday. For those of you who dont get forced to watch cartoons (lucky you!) an Omnitrix, is the sort of watch thing Ben wears on his wrist to summon monsters with. The customers seem very happy with it so Im hoping the birthday boy will like it too, here it is:

Other than that I have another cake cooling in the kitchen which by the end of the week should have a certain shelled creature on it, another cake to start for a christening on Sunday, and I have my beady eye on my inbox waiting for THE e-mail back from the wedding planner...can you believe since my last post Adam has made his mind up and we have enquired about a date!

 Im also out for a meal tonight to a local pub with Adam, and the 'photography club', just how geeky do I sound right now!? (one of the members is also Adams boss) It will be nice to have a break from the little monsters for a while, especially from only having four hours sleep lastnight due to the Queen being restless!
Well I better go and finish up before getting ready, wish me luck that no water fights break out at the table between me and Adams boss!


  1. Hey hope you had a great meal last night and got more than a few ZZZ's upon your return! Cake is fab as always! xxx

  2. LOL yeah we had a good time, got up an hour late this morning though for taking Kai to school!! ooops! xx