Friday, 21 January 2011

One down, and another to go............

Well that certain shelled creature is all finished and now sitting on the cake ready for the birthday boys party tomorrow afternoon. He loves Mario Kart on the Wii (as does Kai!) and his favourite character is little Koopa Troopa. So far so good, his Mum loves the cake so I'm hoping little Charlie will love it too :)

I also have a Christening cake sat in my kitchen waiting for the rest of the decorations to go on. I was pretty much left up to design it myself, but the specifications where, Lemon cake, large single tier, and silver and white themed..(they also like the baby footprints I have used on previous cakes) so Im trying something a little more contemporary. Let's hope it looks ok when Ive finished!! haha

Before I move on heres little Charlie's cake:

Have a great day Charlie!

So what else have I done today? Well....Ive been close-by to the laptop all day keeping an eye on my inbox for THAT e-mail to arrive. Yes, you know the one.....THAT e-mail to say "Yes Tracey you CAN have your date for the wedding, here it is all booked and I just need your deposit". But no such luck yet, I'm starting to think shes forgotten about me :(

Fingers crossed guys....and while your at it...try crossing your toes too :)