Monday, 17 January 2011

Im here!!

Well, for ages now Ive thought about starting up a blog, but for what?  my cakes?, my photography?, my wedding plans? Well I couldnt decide! So Im aiming to do them all right here in one place! (aswell as the added day to day adventures!)

I love the fact somebody out there might just be interested in what I do, and if not....well, its a place I can spill all the thoughts in my head so maybe I can actually sleep at night instead of thinking too much :)

Well I suppose I better introduce you to my little family, as no doubt they will be popping up throughout my time here!!
This is me Tracey and my fiance Adam

Our 4 Year old Kai

And last but not least our one year old daughter Abbi

Ok, so thats me for my first post! Off to bed so I can get up to bake tomorrow!!
mwah! xx


  1. Hi Tracey it's me Tracy (Golcarlilly) I am going to stalk you on your blog :P xxx

  2. LOL stalk away! always wanted a blog but didnt know which to set im doing it all in one place :)

  3. This is a very lovely first post and so nice that you included photos of yourself and family!!

  4. thanks very much McCaffery :) xxx