Thursday, 27 January 2011

I was just about to go over there and talk to that tripod...

That title pretty much sums up how dark it was at Lever Castle!
We had a blast though! Walked along a very muddy road, got harassed by a random dog, took some seriously wrong turns in the car...and by that I mean that Keiran's sat nav told us to turn right, which we did and almost entered the 'no entry' on the wrong side of the bypass! And nothing could prepare us for how dark it was up there, not even the two torches we had!

The models were great, and VERY brave in that cold weather! Thanks Hayley and Joanne!
Though having 5 photographers and only one lighting set up was pretty difficult, Im sure we all got some usable shots though.
Heres a few:

And courtesy of Darren this is of us in action ha ha

It was so cold (and I stupidly left my mittens in the car) that once I let go of that torch my fingers where still stuck in that position!
That picture makes everything look nice and bright, but honestly I couldnt even see the people stood at the side of me, and Darren said 'I almost went over there to talk to that tripod' LOL it was so pitch black! Keiran put his hand on the wall straight onto a slug, I grabbed a twig full of thorns and Darren got attacked by a hiding twig tree! Happy days :)

Straight to Mc Doodles on the way home for some potato wedges and the models had a long awaited....and much needed hot choccy! 

Definitely up for another meet soon, was great to get out of the kitchen for abit, but will have to see if my nasty diary will allow it! Right, back to the grindstone, 2 cakes to do!


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