Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Excited much?

Ive been wondering all day what to make my second post about, and theres only one thing thats been popping in and out of my head all day.......my wedding day. Lets just get this part straight though...I dont even have a date, and absolute nada is booked!

But the exciting part is (to me anyway!) is that Ive been e-mailing the wedding planner today at a certain venue where I WILL get married, I dont imagine getting married anywhere else!
What can be so special about this place though? Well let me tell you....

1. Its where me and Adam went on our very first day out together, and

2. Its in a Zoo!! 

Yes...you read it right...its inside Chester Zoo! Just look at the gorgeousness!

I want my wedding to be memorable, and most of all FUN, I'm not a fan of very stiff formal celebrations - it doesn't show our personalities at all!
I'd like to think of ourselves as quite a 'fun-loving' couple (baring in mind theres a fine line between fun and weirdness!)
I mean how many times have you seen a couple having a water fight on tesco carpark with volvic water bottles!?

Case closed.

We're weird    :)

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