Monday, 24 January 2011

THE e-mail arrived...eventually!

Well after getting you to cross your fingers (and toes) I figured out I had hit reply to the last e-mail (which meant I had e-mailed myself!!) Duuuuhhh! So I sent another one this morning and got a reply almost instantly! Once I have paid a deposit, which I will be doing very soon, and contacted the Registrar I WILL be getting married at CHESTER ZOO on Sunday 2nd September 2012. So excited, can you imagine the wedding pictures!

Yeah...well maybe not!! I hope to not have hairy legs like that! LOL

On another note I finished that Christening cake, and thankfully they liked it :)
Here it is:

I get to have a lovely lie-in tomorrow as Adam has the day off so is going to get Kai ready for school. Whilst we are on the subject of my first born little monkey..I'll explain the situation. Hes 4 years old and currently reading at an age 11-12 level. Ive been given a list of what books to buy him (and he has most of them now) but I have no other advice on what to do with him! Ive been told off various people to move him to a different school where the teachers know what to do with him, and then THIS happens:

Headteacher tells children as young as 5 'we are at war'

Yep, his little school made big news with papers and radio stations....can you believe it!?

Well I better go, got wedding dresses to drool over :) x

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