Wednesday, 26 January 2011

1 year, 7 months and 1 week..

Till my wedding day! Not that I'm obsessed or anything :/ LOL
Its all booked and confirmed, now the REAL planning begins. I have to choose photographers, rings, dresses, themes, invitations, favours, cakes....the list seems endless!
Luckily Ive gone into 'organization overload' and made a text document on the computer with all ideas, rough prices and what-not. Grand total is looking like £8,000-£9,000 eeeeekkk! Lots of money that we dont quite have yet but we are saving like little squirrels, reckon its do-able? Well....we'll just have to see!

Tonight I'm off to Lever Castle in Preston with a few girls to do an 'evening shoot' never used lighting set-ups in the dark before so should be a good learning experience. Hopefully I'll get some good shots, if not I have a HELL of alot of practicing to do seeing as me and my friend Keiran are shooting a wedding in June....are we mad?? OF COURSE! Cacking it, is a serious understatement.

On the cake front...Im sat here updating my little blog listening to the sound of Alfie (thats my KitchenAid by the way. He has to have a name) mixing chocolate cake! Its going to be a very simple black and white themed single tier birthday cake for the weekend.

What has happened since Ive last been on?...Hmmm nothing worth noting...apart from the area behind my couch was splattered with peppers, broccoli, courgette, pasta...well you get the was vegetable lasagne.
My lovely ( insert sarcastic voice there!) Son, decided rather than finishing his tea like I asked him to, to get chocolate and a visit to Nanna's he would rather scrape his plate clean down the back of my corner unit whilst I had nipped into the kitchen! I knew there was no way he could finish it that fast so started to peer around the room, the giveaway was the piece or tomatoey courgette sat ontop of my lighting tent sticking up from behind the couch. I had a look over the back to find a pepper-filled plug socket, tomato stained photography equipment and a piece of chicken. YES a piece of dont need chicken in a vegetable lasagne so where did that come from? Sunday's roast got my guess. I even had Sunday's leeks and gravy lovingly splashed up my wallpaper :)
Straight to bed with no TV, and no Nintendo DS.....too right!

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