Monday, 31 January 2011

Wedding Fayres...are TOXIC!

Toxic to the brain!
I went to my very first one yesterday in Blackpool at the Hilton. You've done all the planning and budgeting and mashing your brains in trying to keep costs as low as possible, then you walk into a wedding fayre and it gets blown to pieces, candy buffets, chocolate fountains, fun photo booths, amazing tiaras, GORGEOUS handmade rings...Ive decided I dont like budgeting, its too hard and hurts my brain!

I thought I was being sensible and cutting back money in all sorts of places but still trying to keep the day as fun as possible, but now I REALLY want that £1200 videograher to capture the day, he captures the story behind the pictures and reminds us exactly what happened on that day when we had our backs turned or were too busy to notice things. Of course you can get slightly cheaper ones, but his work is AMAZING, almost makes you cry at total strangers getting married!
Take a look:
Cedar Videography

And then of course the photographers who capture stunning images that you get to keep forever...afterall what do you have after your wedding? Just the rings, the photos, the video and each other.
So far Im drawn to either the amazing Lisa Aldersley

KJP images:

and Sarah Jane photography

All ranging from around £800-£2500. Budget out the window...well and truly! What can I say, Im a Leo - and they always want the best! Trouble is Im marrying a Taurus who are VERY strict with money, match made in heaven? ha ha

Then at the back of the room at the Hilton we met a great couple who were offering a 'photobooth' filled with fancy dress items for guests to nip in and out of to capture their daft selves :) You get two copies of the images, one for the guest and another to stick in an album in which they leave a message for you too.
Another hefty pricetag of around £500-£600, and I wont even MENTION the candy buffet - I wouldnt see Adam all night!

Weddings are seriously expensive!

Apart from losing sleep over wedding decisions I managed to drag myself into the kitchen to make two cakes!

The first is for a Vespa scooter fan, though his mum couldnt find a model for the top of the cake so just requested a black and white theme....I thought I'd sneak the logo in there so it had some sort of reference to his love of scooters!! They loved it too :)

And this cheeky cake was for a little cheeky monkey turning one! His mum was in Madrid at the time she ordered it and made it back to Manchester in January to collect it. She wasnt having the best of days with flat tyres and getting lost but she found me in the end and loved the cake! Hope little Jake had a fab first birthday, thanks Susana!

Well I better go got my friend Keiran calling around soon to process some images together, with all this photography, cake making and wedding lark I cant keep up, I could do with winning the lottery....but then again, couldnt we all ;)


Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Treats : Etsy Cupcake Goodies!

 I have that Friday feeling! So thought I'd share some Friday treats with you :)
All items showcased are from Etsy, I'm beginning to love that place. Feast your eyes upon the cuteness :)

Gorgeous little Candy and Cupcakes charms from TheSilverDivaKids
I just love the little candy wrapper and font stamped on the disc

How adorable are these little soaps by pinkdottedowl. I dont think I could ever use them :)

WOW! BallyhooJewelry combine my two favourtite things!
Cupcakes and skulls...this rocks!

Checkout this cute 2 step stool by onmyown14
I just LOVE the little cherries...Im a fan of those too!
Maybe I should get myself one of these for when I cant reach the top shelf in my cupboards :)

I can just see this on Abbi, its lovely :)

And last but not least look at this cute cuddly cupcake owl by canelajoy

Certainly some yummy stuff on there, some people are so talented!

Adding to my Friday feeling was the fact that two letters dropped through the door this morning, they were both confirmations of bookings for the registrar and Zoo (happy dancing at the laptop). But we have a huge decision to make now...which I just KNOW I'm going to lose sleep over. Do we opt for the safari and BBQ, in which case we get to visit a few of the enclosures with a guide after the Zoo is closed to the public, then return to manor for an outside BBQ on the terrace - followed by the disco. OR do we go for the buffet instead and straight onto the disco...saving ourselves something like £1500. Hmmm theres upsides and downsides to each one, and I dont know what to do...HELP ME!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I was just about to go over there and talk to that tripod...

That title pretty much sums up how dark it was at Lever Castle!
We had a blast though! Walked along a very muddy road, got harassed by a random dog, took some seriously wrong turns in the car...and by that I mean that Keiran's sat nav told us to turn right, which we did and almost entered the 'no entry' on the wrong side of the bypass! And nothing could prepare us for how dark it was up there, not even the two torches we had!

The models were great, and VERY brave in that cold weather! Thanks Hayley and Joanne!
Though having 5 photographers and only one lighting set up was pretty difficult, Im sure we all got some usable shots though.
Heres a few:

And courtesy of Darren this is of us in action ha ha

It was so cold (and I stupidly left my mittens in the car) that once I let go of that torch my fingers where still stuck in that position!
That picture makes everything look nice and bright, but honestly I couldnt even see the people stood at the side of me, and Darren said 'I almost went over there to talk to that tripod' LOL it was so pitch black! Keiran put his hand on the wall straight onto a slug, I grabbed a twig full of thorns and Darren got attacked by a hiding twig tree! Happy days :)

Straight to Mc Doodles on the way home for some potato wedges and the models had a long awaited....and much needed hot choccy! 

Definitely up for another meet soon, was great to get out of the kitchen for abit, but will have to see if my nasty diary will allow it! Right, back to the grindstone, 2 cakes to do!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

1 year, 7 months and 1 week..

Till my wedding day! Not that I'm obsessed or anything :/ LOL
Its all booked and confirmed, now the REAL planning begins. I have to choose photographers, rings, dresses, themes, invitations, favours, cakes....the list seems endless!
Luckily Ive gone into 'organization overload' and made a text document on the computer with all ideas, rough prices and what-not. Grand total is looking like £8,000-£9,000 eeeeekkk! Lots of money that we dont quite have yet but we are saving like little squirrels, reckon its do-able? Well....we'll just have to see!

Tonight I'm off to Lever Castle in Preston with a few girls to do an 'evening shoot' never used lighting set-ups in the dark before so should be a good learning experience. Hopefully I'll get some good shots, if not I have a HELL of alot of practicing to do seeing as me and my friend Keiran are shooting a wedding in June....are we mad?? OF COURSE! Cacking it, is a serious understatement.

On the cake front...Im sat here updating my little blog listening to the sound of Alfie (thats my KitchenAid by the way. He has to have a name) mixing chocolate cake! Its going to be a very simple black and white themed single tier birthday cake for the weekend.

What has happened since Ive last been on?...Hmmm nothing worth noting...apart from the area behind my couch was splattered with peppers, broccoli, courgette, pasta...well you get the was vegetable lasagne.
My lovely ( insert sarcastic voice there!) Son, decided rather than finishing his tea like I asked him to, to get chocolate and a visit to Nanna's he would rather scrape his plate clean down the back of my corner unit whilst I had nipped into the kitchen! I knew there was no way he could finish it that fast so started to peer around the room, the giveaway was the piece or tomatoey courgette sat ontop of my lighting tent sticking up from behind the couch. I had a look over the back to find a pepper-filled plug socket, tomato stained photography equipment and a piece of chicken. YES a piece of dont need chicken in a vegetable lasagne so where did that come from? Sunday's roast got my guess. I even had Sunday's leeks and gravy lovingly splashed up my wallpaper :)
Straight to bed with no TV, and no Nintendo DS.....too right!

Monday, 24 January 2011

THE e-mail arrived...eventually!

Well after getting you to cross your fingers (and toes) I figured out I had hit reply to the last e-mail (which meant I had e-mailed myself!!) Duuuuhhh! So I sent another one this morning and got a reply almost instantly! Once I have paid a deposit, which I will be doing very soon, and contacted the Registrar I WILL be getting married at CHESTER ZOO on Sunday 2nd September 2012. So excited, can you imagine the wedding pictures!

Yeah...well maybe not!! I hope to not have hairy legs like that! LOL

On another note I finished that Christening cake, and thankfully they liked it :)
Here it is:

I get to have a lovely lie-in tomorrow as Adam has the day off so is going to get Kai ready for school. Whilst we are on the subject of my first born little monkey..I'll explain the situation. Hes 4 years old and currently reading at an age 11-12 level. Ive been given a list of what books to buy him (and he has most of them now) but I have no other advice on what to do with him! Ive been told off various people to move him to a different school where the teachers know what to do with him, and then THIS happens:

Headteacher tells children as young as 5 'we are at war'

Yep, his little school made big news with papers and radio stations....can you believe it!?

Well I better go, got wedding dresses to drool over :) x

Friday, 21 January 2011

One down, and another to go............

Well that certain shelled creature is all finished and now sitting on the cake ready for the birthday boys party tomorrow afternoon. He loves Mario Kart on the Wii (as does Kai!) and his favourite character is little Koopa Troopa. So far so good, his Mum loves the cake so I'm hoping little Charlie will love it too :)

I also have a Christening cake sat in my kitchen waiting for the rest of the decorations to go on. I was pretty much left up to design it myself, but the specifications where, Lemon cake, large single tier, and silver and white themed..(they also like the baby footprints I have used on previous cakes) so Im trying something a little more contemporary. Let's hope it looks ok when Ive finished!! haha

Before I move on heres little Charlie's cake:

Have a great day Charlie!

So what else have I done today? Well....Ive been close-by to the laptop all day keeping an eye on my inbox for THAT e-mail to arrive. Yes, you know the one.....THAT e-mail to say "Yes Tracey you CAN have your date for the wedding, here it is all booked and I just need your deposit". But no such luck yet, I'm starting to think shes forgotten about me :(

Fingers crossed guys....and while your at it...try crossing your toes too :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

She's Asleep!

Yes, the Queen (Abbi) is taking a nap which means I have time to nip on and update :)

Well today I managed to finish a Ben 10 Omnitrix cake for a little boys 4th birthday. For those of you who dont get forced to watch cartoons (lucky you!) an Omnitrix, is the sort of watch thing Ben wears on his wrist to summon monsters with. The customers seem very happy with it so Im hoping the birthday boy will like it too, here it is:

Other than that I have another cake cooling in the kitchen which by the end of the week should have a certain shelled creature on it, another cake to start for a christening on Sunday, and I have my beady eye on my inbox waiting for THE e-mail back from the wedding planner...can you believe since my last post Adam has made his mind up and we have enquired about a date!

 Im also out for a meal tonight to a local pub with Adam, and the 'photography club', just how geeky do I sound right now!? (one of the members is also Adams boss) It will be nice to have a break from the little monsters for a while, especially from only having four hours sleep lastnight due to the Queen being restless!
Well I better go and finish up before getting ready, wish me luck that no water fights break out at the table between me and Adams boss!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Excited much?

Ive been wondering all day what to make my second post about, and theres only one thing thats been popping in and out of my head all wedding day. Lets just get this part straight though...I dont even have a date, and absolute nada is booked!

But the exciting part is (to me anyway!) is that Ive been e-mailing the wedding planner today at a certain venue where I WILL get married, I dont imagine getting married anywhere else!
What can be so special about this place though? Well let me tell you....

1. Its where me and Adam went on our very first day out together, and

2. Its in a Zoo!! read it right...its inside Chester Zoo! Just look at the gorgeousness!

I want my wedding to be memorable, and most of all FUN, I'm not a fan of very stiff formal celebrations - it doesn't show our personalities at all!
I'd like to think of ourselves as quite a 'fun-loving' couple (baring in mind theres a fine line between fun and weirdness!)
I mean how many times have you seen a couple having a water fight on tesco carpark with volvic water bottles!?

Case closed.

We're weird    :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Im here!!

Well, for ages now Ive thought about starting up a blog, but for what?  my cakes?, my photography?, my wedding plans? Well I couldnt decide! So Im aiming to do them all right here in one place! (aswell as the added day to day adventures!)

I love the fact somebody out there might just be interested in what I do, and if not....well, its a place I can spill all the thoughts in my head so maybe I can actually sleep at night instead of thinking too much :)

Well I suppose I better introduce you to my little family, as no doubt they will be popping up throughout my time here!!
This is me Tracey and my fiance Adam

Our 4 Year old Kai

And last but not least our one year old daughter Abbi

Ok, so thats me for my first post! Off to bed so I can get up to bake tomorrow!!
mwah! xx